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Bhumika Consultancy is a fastest growing company in providing various services for small, medium and high net worth clients, Traders , investors and technical analysts and we have been choose by many independent researchers and people related to the market.

The promoter of Bhumika consultancy is the GHURIA family. IN the EARLY NINETIES, Bhumika consultancy carried SHARE Trading on a small shop on a sub brokerage basis. After the passing of a couple of years, Bhumika consultancy had acquired the Ahmedabad Stock Exchange membership. It served the backward district of BANASKANTHA and also served rural areas. It has tapped unutilized funds for corporate IPO, mutual fund, etc. After that, Bhumika consultancy had acquired BOMBAY STOCK EXCHANGE membership, the oldest stock exchange in India, and simultaneously acquired CDSL depository membership. After that, Bhumika consultancy received the membership of NSE.

Bhumika consultancy is an integrated company where a client receives all services of money MARKET under one roof. We provide services like Securities trading, Demat services, commodity trading, etc. The company provides vertical and horizontal services of the money and commodity market. To cater to international/domestic clients' needs, the company recently started performing in the GIFT CITY at Gandhinagar. The directors of the company possess immense experience in the stock market. GHURIA family wholly owns Bhumika consultancy.

About the Chairman

The journey began in the late 90s when Indian capital market was witnessing a sheer transition from the conventional trading approach to an online platform, the internet based trading system. Mr Dinesh Ghuria envisioned and ideated such a company which offers a cutting edge technology clubbed with under one roof solutions for all trading and investment needs, thus, the ideology encapsulated in Bhumika Consultancy Pvt Ltd and its services commenced from Palanpur, Gujarat. Today the company has its main office at downtown Ahmedabad and forthcoming offices in GIFT City, Gandhinagar. Mr Ghuria inspires many with his innovative ideas and business acumen. He himself is the first generation entrepreneur.

His focus remains on financial technology and how to keep adding value to all the stakeholders of the company. With his mission to take trading environment to the advance level has propelled the company to stand as the next generation FINTECH company in western India. His dedicated approach to trading communities has translated into many high net worth traders in the last more than a decade, and numbers are still counting. He is a true visionary leader who lead by setting examples for many to follow.


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