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Deposit Fund

Deposit funds in one of the following four ways. Remember to transfer only from the bank account registered with us



How to transfer?

Transfer Fund and credit Instantly

Step 1:Go to UPI Pay Button


Scan Below QR Code


Step 2:Go your UPI App

Step 3:Accept Payment request within 5 Minute

UPI Payment done than credited to your Trading account Instantly no waiting for other Approval

Note:If your UPI id is not updated in your Trading Account do update via send e-mail with UPI id screenshot and Trading Account number to



How to transfer?

Transfer in one of the following two ways:

Transfer fund directly through trading platform:

Step 1:Login to your trading account

Step 2:Go to dashboard click to Pay button

Step 3:Select payment mode Net banking or UPI transfer

Step 4:For netbanking - Choose your registered bank account, enter amount and submit

For UPI - Select bank, then enter UPI ID and amount and submit

Step 5:NB - It will redirect to your bank account login. Follow through the steps and make the transfer

UPI - Login to your UPI App and authorize the payment

Transfer without login in to your Bhumika account

Click on the above button, enter your client code, select your bank, & enter the amount

You will be redirected to your bank login page. Follow through the step and transfer the amount



How to transfer?

Step 1:Login to your net banking account

Step 2:Add benificiary as

  • Account : BCP237*****
  • Benificiary : Bhumika Consultancy Pvt Ltd
  • Bank : HDFC Bank Ltd
  • IFSC Code : HDFC0000335
  • Step 3:Transfer fund to this newly added beneficiary anytime you want like a normat NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/FT

    Note:In beneficiary Account ***** is your trading account number like your trading account no is 12345 than use benificiary account number as BCP23712345



    How to transfer?

    Step 1:Issue a cheque in favoure of Bhumika Consultancy Pvt Ltd

    Step 2:Deposite the cheque in one of the following banks where Bhumika has an account or hand it over to your relationship manager or at nearest Bhumika offices

    Step 3:Bank Account Details as below

    Bank : HDFC BANK LTD

    Account Name : Bhumika Consultancy Pvt Ltd

    Account Number : 03350340000237

    Step 4:Please email your cheque / Deposite Slip copy to


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