We at Bhumika, algorithm Trading is the future of Trading in stock and commodity markets. Every trader has a life cycle of trading where he goes through a high and lows of emotions with his profit and losses in the trading. This drastically hampers his manual trading decision making. Algo trading or Artificial intelligence helps a trader overcome his emotional quotient and remove all trading biases and past emotional backlogs.




The Algo Advantage

  • check ‘Emotion Less’ trading, never let your emotional backlog takeover your trading decisions.
  • check Very High frequency trades are only possible via machine trading.
  • check Possibility to manage high volume trades.
  • check Manage multiple open positions.
  • check Trust of ‘Back testing’, lets you stick to trading discipline.
  • check Mentally prepared in loss making days with the historic drawdowns and backtesting.
  • check Highly scalable model, manages 100s of open positions at a time.
  • check No matter how busy you are, you will Never miss a trading day/ opportunity.
  • check Instant squareoff in gap openings.
  • check Analyse your trades and optimise the trading plan.
  • check The ‘ Future lies here’ , more than 60% volumes are driven by Algorithms.

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