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Bhumika Consultancy Group is always inspired by the zeal to render ultimate services to its clients. Our quest is to provide distinctive and cutting edge services is our quest to our clients. BHUMIKA Consultancy Group spearheaded the drive to provide one touch, smooth and convenient equity trading platform by the use of best trading applications in the country. Use of advanced technology under guidance of professionally trained and dedicated personnel help us in rendering value added services including research based equity trading, formulating strategies for wealth creation and various multidimensional approach of trading in NSE and BSE making Bhumika Consultancy Group an unparallel trading and investment hub.

Derivative Trading

Bhumika Consultancy Group had the privilege to be one of the leading broking houses that has made all efforts for the growth of Derivatives market. The Group perceived the advantages of F&O in Investment Management and has enhanced the knowledge of investors about the usage of derivatives as a tool of Investment planning to eliminate the risk in Investment in Stock Market. Sticking to its preamble of safeguarding the investors, we facilitate our investors to take timely and precise decisions by providing strategies of F&O trading and helped our investors to “zero” the risk of losses.


We can say that currency trading is the business of future in India. There are three major exchange providing this trading i.e. NSE, BSE & MCX-SX. We have the member ship of all these three exchange to facilitate our clients with this future business.
Bhumika Consultancy believe in the tremendous potential of currency future to become a dominant force of the Indian financial market with a turnover which can perform extra ordinary even equity.


Bottom up of IPO selection, investment in high quality companies with continuous profit track record, excellent managerial ability of the Companies with in-depth fundamental analysis is the hallmark of BHUMIKA CONSULTANCY'S IPO division. BHUMIKA CONSULTANCY provides basics of investment in IPO’s with high market capitalization with the long term vision & high profitable venture. Dedicated team of professionals, Researchers & Financial Analysts to evaluate IPO’s potency, the growth trend of Company, potential growth prospects are available to compound client’s money in manifold. BHUMIKA CONSULTANCY has been providing the facility of IPO Application and has made subscribing in IPO more convenient and hassle free.

Financial Markets


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