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Margin Trading Facility


We at Bhumika,having facilities of MTF. When you open a trading account with us, for buy and sell shares, you have two options – a margin account and a cash account.
A cash account is relatively simple: you pay for whatever you have bought, and the broker gets a commission from your transactions.
A margin trading account is different in that you don’t pay cash upfront for any shares that you buy. Instead, you only deposit a percentage of the transaction; the rest is a loan from the broker. Interest is being charged by the company on the amount funded. Beneficial for the clients who want to hold there equity delivery positions for longer time. Avoid auto square off on T+7 days subject to fulfillment of margin requirements. Get up to 75% funding of his margins.
Margin trading thus makes way for investors to earn a much higher return on investment.



Bhumika takes care of the borrowing needs of its clients through its RBI registered NBFC HEM Fin Cam. Taking in consideration the financial needs of our clients, we offer them following services.

LAS (Loan Against Shares) You can put your good quality stocks to use by availing LAS (Loan Against Shares) without having to sell them. Bhumika offers LAS at very attractive interest rates, flexible repayment schedule and easy documentation.

Loan Against Property (LAP) Looking for easy Loan Against Property at attractive interest rates and hassle free and quick processing? Bhumika provides you higher loans with flexible repayment schedule, taking in consideration your financial needs.


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